E4C and legacy Save St Guthlacs Campaign Activities:

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First meeting held by interested parties, including members of The Save St Guthlac's campaign, Parish Council, District Council and members of the community.  The group Education4Crowland is formed.


Public meeting called by the Parish Council and attended by the Save St Guthlac's campaign group.  Meeting announced for 14th March to bring together all interested parties to take the issues forward.


Meeting called by the Parish Council following the Crowland public consultation meeting, attended by approximately 100 people.


Meeting held on 1st February between "interested parties" including campaign group members and representatives of the parish council to discuss the consultation documentation.


The campaign team have been busy preparing questions for the public meeting on the 6th January.


Paul and Jim from the campaign team met with Cllr Bradwell, John Hayes and representatives of the Parish Council to discuss the proposals in more detail.  There are still many unanswered questions, but we have an agreement for an informal meeting, where the community can hear more about the propsals.


The campaign team have been following up on information promised by the school Governing body, and preparing for a meeting in October with Cllr Bradwell.


Jim Astill and Paul Przyszlak met Chris Penney (Chair of Governors) and Steve Baragranath (Executive Head) to talk about the proposals.  A full report on this will be available soon.


We have identified more information about the current Governors of the school, in particular their locations and who voted at a meeting on 11th May.  This makes interesting reading as TWO Crowland based Governors took part in the "Unanimous" vote to move forward with the proposals (download here)


Freedom of Information request made to LCC (download here) asking 5 questions.  Note question 1 will identify that LCC did not communicate details of the proposals to Cllr Przyszlak (local ward member) ahead of releasing the information.


We have contacted Glyn Mayley regarding his proposals to set-up a "Free School" in Crowland.  To see his flyer recently distributed in Crowland download here Note: This campaign is not linked to these proposals.


List of School Governors obtained (download here), stage 2 is to obtain details of their recorded interests, their participation in the vote and identify the representation from Crowland.


We have asked John Hayes to confirm the information which suggests a decision will be made regarding the funding on 23rd June.


We are collating all of the information we currently have regarding the proposals, in anticipation of the promised public consultation.


We have requested the membership of the governing body, and details of their recorded interests (which is a statutory requirement).  In addition to this detail, we have asked for a record of which governors took part in the vote, which Cllr Bradwell states was a unanimous decision.


We have directed several questions at Cllr Bradwell regarding the proposals to close the school:
  • A list of the Governors of the Federation, their declared interests and their participation in the vote on the proposals.

  • A breakdown of the numbers of pupils on roll, and also the locations they come from.

  • Has the LA considered merging St Guthlac's with another secondary school which is much closer in comparison to Holbeach.  If this has been discounted the reasons why?

  • Details of why the LA feel numbers cannot be sustained given that Crowland is a growing community.

  • Details of why the LA/School feel unable to recruit high quality staff.

  • Confirmation of the proposed funding for the redevelopment, as there are different figures within the public domain.

  • More detailed information on the proposals (i.e. over and above what's in the press release).